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All Organic and Vegan ingredient’s in every dish and 100% VEGAN

The Entree Plates

All entrees are a la carte.

The appetizer choices are:

BBQ Brisket and Biscuit Sliders: Braised satin brisket, cashew cheddar cheese, roast corn aioli and a savory biscuit bun

Crispy Vegan Crabby Patty Cakes: Hearts of palm mixed with seaweed and spices pan fried and delicious dill tar-tar sauce

Spicy Tomato Garlic Wings: Soy Chiki’n wings pan seared till crispy and seasoned with hot sauce served with spicy tomato garlic sauce

Toast Point Tuno Melt: Tuno salad (capers, apple, celery, red onion, miso mayo, spices) vegan swiss cheese, crispy toast points

Sublime Sliders: Juicy TVP patties pan seared, cashew cheddar, sautéed onion, butter pickle, cabernet ketchup

The S&P: Chiki”n apple sausage”s and creamy cheddar polenta

Side soups are:

French Onion, Baked Potato and leek, Vine ripe Tomato and Basil

Salad Sides are:

The Greek salad: Chopped romaine, tofu feta, bell pepper, sun dried tomato, Kalamata olive, cucumber, Red wine vinaigrette

Classic Caesar: Chopped romaine, shredded carrot, creamy caesar dressing, seasoned french croutons

Garden greens salad: Select fresh greens, bell pepper, pickled red onion, cucumber, cherry tomato, lemon balsamic vinaigrette

Homestyle Macaroni salad: Large macaroni, bell pepper, celery hearts, carrot, red onion, black olive, tvp baco bits, Tofanaise dressing

Roast potato salad: Roasted red potatoes,bell pepper, celery hearts, dill pickle,red onion, tvp baco bits, Tofanaise dressing

Cafe bean salad: Green bean, garbanzo bean, red bean, cannelloni bean, sun dried tomato, celery hearts, red onion, black olive, lemon dill vinaigrette

  1. Vegan Peanut Butter Cup

    Rosie's Vegan Catering is now offering THE most irresistible gourmet rich creamy dreamy Vegan Peanut Butter Cup. Approx. 3 inches wide and 1 inch deep. Sold by the dozen.

  2. Southern Style  BBQ Chiki’n with Potato and Cheddar Biscuit 

    Tangy BBQ roast tofu chiki’n , citrus green beans and Potato Cheddar biscuits

  3. The Non Cod Brandade with Maque Choux

    Baked Hearts of Palm and savory sea flavors combined with sea salted roast potato, creamy Maque Choux (roasted corn , vegan ham, peppers, onions) with crispy crostini.

  4. Tantalizing Mushroom Marsala Chiki’n Roulade

    Steamed Tofu Chiki’n stuffed with caramelized onions, peppers and  Gruyère cheese with a tantalizing mushroom Marsala and parmesan rice.

  5. Chop Stix Chow Mein

    Pan fried noodles with savory soy chik ’N and vegetables in a sweet sesame soy ginger glaze

  6. NY Style Seitan Steak

    Seasoned pepper crusted pan seared NY style Seitan steak with rich marsala mushroom sauce, golden yukon potato and flavorful garden veggies

  7. The Ultimate Seitan Asada Quesadilla

    Crispy flour tortilla filled with Seitan Asada, roast corn, black bean, mango chutney, cashew cheddar. Chard onion cream sauce dip

  8. Tacos of Temptation

    Two large  Tacos with Seitan Asada, cabbage, cilantro ,pickled onion,  cilantro cream and a side of zesty spanish rice

  9. Fettuccine Alfredo Carbonara

    Creamy Alfredo sauce tossed with Fettuccine and crispy vegan bacon served with french crostini

  10. Country Piccata Cutlets and Polenta 

    Pan fried soy chi-kin Piccata cutlet accented with lemon caper sauce, Polenta cakes and Tomato and garlic butter Sweet Corn cups

  11. Classic 1950s Homestyle Lasagna

    Rich tomato and mushroom soy meat sauce layered with Tofu ricotta and topped with creamy cashew’rella cheese sauce

  12. California Crispy Calzone

    Roasted Chopped soy Chi-kin, Chipolini onions, peppers, mushrooms baked in a crisp crust with Marinara sauce dip

  13. Sinful Spaghetti and Soy Meat Balls

    Italian herb seasoned Soy meat balls simmered in savory Marinara Sauce served over Spaghetti pasta dusted in Vegan Parmesan 

  14. BBQ Soy Chi-kin and baked Potato Fennel Cheddar biscuit cake

    Soy chi-kin smothered in tangy bbq sauce and roasted served with a Potato Fennel cheddar biscuit cake and Heirloom tomatoes 

  15. Dinerlicous Mac and Cheese and Chili bowl combo with sweet Zucchini Corn Bread

    Large macaroni smothered in Three Cheese soy cream sauce, Baco crust and indulgent Chili bole with zucchini corn bread 

  16. The Savory Soy-Meat Loaf 

    Slow baked herbed and spiced soy meat Loaf served with golden gravy, sweet potatoes and farm fresh veggies

  17. Cordon Blue

    Soy Chi-kin Layered with Vegan Ham and Vegan Gruyère Cheese, Rolled, Breaded and golden baked. Served with a warm potato spinach salad and a side of Agave Creole Mustard Sauce 

The Savory Sandwich and Salad Plates

All Sandos come with either a Creamy Caesar Salad or Green Garden Salad with zesty lemon balsamic

  1. Vegan Chiki’n Teriyaki  Kamikaze

    Teriyaki Seitan Chiki’n breast, crispy slaw, Japanese pickles and miso mayo on a sesame bun.

  2. The Valley Cali Soy Chix Salad Sandwich

    Seasoned Soy chix Chopped and tossed with Celery, red onion, cashew, currents, apple and a creamy fresh dill mayo with lettuce, tomato on potato bread

  3. Rocken Ruben Sandwich

     Pastrami-style Seitan Roast, Housemaid Sauerkraut, Vegan Gruyère cheese, 10,000 Island dressing and dill onion rye bread

  4. Vegan Heavenly Un-Ham and Cheese 

    Steamed smokey seitan un-ham, sautéed onions and peppers, vegan Gruyère cheese , fresh tomatoes , garlic mayo all on a sesame bun.

  5. The Hawaiian Soy Rib’z sandwich

     slow roasted soy strip meat slathered in sweet and sour sauce, Pineapple, sautéed onion, Pickled Jalapeño, crisp lettuce and garlic mayo in onion bun

  6. Deviled Eggless Salad Sandwich

    Seasoned tofu salad, lettuce and tomato, smoked paprika mayo served in potato bread.

  7. Monti Cristo Sandwich

    Texas style cashew crusted French toast filled with veggie broth braised Veg-Turkey, Veg-Ham, vegan Gruyère cheese and caramelized onion mayo.

  8. Sweet and Smokey Sloppy Joe

    Mouthwatering spiced soy meat pan simmered in a sweet tomato pepper and onion sauce, crisp lettuce, tomato and garlic mayo in onion bun

  9. Little Italy Soy Meat Ball Sub

    Italian Herb Soy meat balls simmered in savory Marinara Sauce served on a sour dough roll with garlic Mayo and dusted in vegan Parmesan

  10. The French Dip 

     Sliced Seitan Roast Braised in a seasoned broth served in French baguette with Vegan Mozzarella cheese Horseradish Mayo and Au Jus dip

  11. All American Burger Patty Melt

    Pan seared seasoned soy burger patty, Cashew Cheddar cheese, crisp lettuce, tomato, butter pickles, roasted garlic mayo on potato bun

Early Bird or Brunch Menu

$25 – All brunch and early bird items come with crispy rosemary potatoes and vegan buttermilk biscuit

  1. Sunday Special "Scramble"

    Seasoned sautéed tofu, succulent soy sausage , spinach, tomato, Daiya Cheddar cheese 

  2. The Benedict

    Marinated and Braised Benedict stylet tofu , sugar dusted soy strips , tomato, spinach, Stacked on english muffin with  heavenly Hollandaise sauce

  3. Elvis Bagels

    La”s Best Bagels toped with Agave Peanut Butter,  Crisp vegan bacon and pan seared vegan butter  Bananas drizzled with Strawberry Syrup

  4. Better than Bubbie’s Vegan Blintzes

    Vegan buttermilk crepes filled with lemon braised tofu and sweet vegan cream cheese topped with tangy blueberries 

Studio Lunch Bag Menu

Available for drop off:  See Catering Service

Choice of Select Sandwich or Appetizer

Available for any order- a sweet treat:
Sweet tooth Cookies and cream: A trio of Classic chocolate chip, lemon citrus glitters, Mocha criss cross and vanilla soy cream $12

Also available for parties or drop of services :
$35 each loaf
Your choice of four out of this world creamy delicious vegan cheeses all made by chef Max.
Select from single blocks each 5 by 9 inches that serve up to 25 people .
Flavors to choose from are :
Gruyère , Smoked Cashew Cheddar . Mozzarella and Brie.