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Over 20 years working in fine dinning restaurants and entertainment venues Max has learned that creativity is the essence in cultivating a masterpiece dish. Max and Simara the co-founder of Rosie’s comfort foods combine what they love most in life everywhere they go with music and the respect for non humans which lead to creating Rosie’s Comfort Foods.

Possessing a passion for cruelty free living and a drive with years of Culinary training to create delicious vegan dishes Max has used his skills to create our favorite foods for a Vegan world. In this day and age their is everything available that one needs to re-create any dish into a vegan form.

With a passion for comfort foods and homestyle cooking Max created classic dishes people know and love that are one of a kind and now available from our signature recipe books.

At Rosie’s Comfort Foods we invite you to indulge in some of the very best foods you will ever taste!


Rosie was a cat we had the privilege of adopting at his age of 17 years. He was paralyzed due to neglect from the sub humans who previously had him. We only know Rosie for a brief time but he deeply touched our lives. One of the friendliest, loving, curious, happy and inspiring beings we have ever known. We encourage everyone to open their homes to any of the many non humans who need a forever home and to please always consider the elderly as well as special needs beings as they are all so amazing. You will be adopting for life but they will be saving yours.


Since the dawn of time, the most accepted, wide spread cruelties towards non humans have been by humans. Non humans having rights is not an opinion nor a belief, but a fact.
Non humans are not here for humans to wear, eat, test on or enslave.
Non humans have more humanity than most humans. We humans can only begin to comprehend the skills and abilities they have. It is our job to respect and protect them and in today’s world there are no more excuses not to go vegan.

Co-Owner Director of Operations Simara Delilah Rose

Co-Owner and Director of Operations Simara Delilah Rose is deeply passionate about non human rights, veganisim and is the singer of the band Starlit.
She is the one who will be taking your calls and emails, aiding you with any questions and concerns and making sure everything runs smoothly and successfully at your Catered event.